New Rules, New Policies

Sexual content, vandalism, irrelevant pages and talking about the porn parody has been a serious problem in this wiki for quite a while ever since it was created, so I decided to make new rules and policies for this.

Editing pages with sexual/pornographic content will be deleted and will give the user a warning immediately. Please note that if the action is repeated like that then you will get blocked without further notice. You can write what you like on the talk pages.

No rude or disrespectful behaviour towards other users. This goes to being rude, stalking, threatening, name-calling, harass or bash because of his/her race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ect. If a user keeps bothering you, report them to an admin so we will give her a warning.

Please, it is both annoying and childish when people keep saying things like "I only came here because of the porn parody." And "Sign this petition to get The Modifyers their own show." If you want to discuss it then do it on the forums, not in official pages. And absolutely DO NOT harass any user with your nonsensical comments like that.

Do not spam on this wiki. Spamming is posting the same thing over and over again, usually more than 3 times. This goes for unwanted links and advertisement.

DO NOT post any inappropriate pictures in this wikia (yes, Rule 34 counts if you were wondering.). If a picture is revealed to be sexual or disturbing, it can be deleted.

Making pages that doesn't have anything to do with the show or Nickelodeon in general will still be removed.

So yeah, it's all the news and announcement you will read.