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Agent Xero is the main character of The Modifyers. She along with her sidekick, Mole, work together with Katz to stop Baron Vain's evil plans. Since her age is uncertain and never revealed, she could possibly be a young adult.

Appearance []

Xero has teal eyes with purple eyeshadow, and has long pink and purple hair with orange highlights. She wears a white mod mini-dress with bell sleeves, a black belt with a silver buckle, white knee-high go-go boots and black leggings. She also a ring with a pink gemstone and purple band that doubles as a comm device.


Agent Xero takes her job seriously and has a positive disposition. She however enjoys bending the rules for her own sake as seen by her desire to use the All-Seeing Eye before transfer. She also is shown to be bossy, wanting Katz to know they were delivering the Eye under her supervision. 

Powers and Abilities[]

Xero is, as the show title would suggest, able to modify her appearance in order to perform her missions and infiltrate Baron Vain's ranks. 

He plays the recorder. (Baron Vain's Organ)


She currently has no affiliations except for Mole and Katz, although this may have differed if the pilot hadn't been rejected by Nickelodeon. Her Enemies include Baron Vain and his henchmen. The only existing ones are Rat, and her alter ego, Lacey Shadows.


Disguises and Transformations[]

Lacey Shadows[]

Lacey Shadows. Drawn By Redsam121

Lacey Shadows is Baron Vain's favorite henchwoman and a criminal, and one of the personalities Agent Xero disguises as. Her first two appearances is in the drain, along with Rat, taking away "The All-Seeing Eye".

In this form, she has teal hair with purple highlights and wears a black frilly dress with a lavender shirt under, black fingerless gloves, cyan buttons on it and a teal belt with a cyan buckle, black high-heeled boots and purple leggings with stripes on it.

Lacey's personality is different from that of her original. She is very sneaky and clever whenever Xero disguised as her to foil Baron Vain's evil schemes. She is somewhat athletic, tough, and sarcastic. Unlike Xero, she is really tomboyish and loves to mess with Rat at any oppurtunity. She is also not much of a team player, noting that while she and Rat both were on the same team, "and I'm the team captain ."


  • It is hinted in the pilot that Rat knows Lacey Shadows' identity as Agent Xero. It is unknown if Baron knows it.
  • Agent Xero not just disguises as Lacey Shadows, but she also has many disguises other than Lacey as hinted in the introduction to Xero. It’s unknown if there gonna be many disguises if the pilot wasn’t rejected.
  • Lacey Shadows was originally supposed to be called "Lacey Shaddows".
  • Agent Xero and Lacey Shadows are both voiced by Mae Whitman, who also did the roles of Little Suzy on Johnny Bravo, as well as Katara on Avatar: the Last Airbender, and Rose from Disney Channel's American Dragon: Jake Long, April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series), Amity Blight from The Owl House (TV series), Batgirl from Batman The Brave and The Bold and she reprised her role as Hazbin Hotel. from
  • Despite her appearance, Agent Xero is actually a young adult, meaning that her age is around 18 to 21 years old.
    • She was originally going to actually be a teenager in high school, but scrapped due to not wanting to rip-off Kim Possible. They also scrapped the concept of her going to middle school, due to wanting to avoid similarities to Grossology. So, they made her a college aged young adult instead.
  • Agent Xero's name is very similar to the Marvel character Agent Zero.
  • Agent Xero's design was also a little similar to the character design of Ami Onuki from Cartoon Network's Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, where co-creator Lynne Naylor worked as a character designer for.
  • Her job is similar to the title character in Disney Channel's Kim Possible.