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Mole is a duotagonist in The Modifyers, who is a robot sidekick of Agent Xero, and and his ability to transform anything that Xero could use in various missions.


Mole has dark red eyes and buck tooth. He also has robotic skin with black thin limbs.


He's a clumsy yet intelligent robot who speaks the human language of English, and is out there to help Xero out with her missions.

Powers and Abilities[]

He is able to shapeshift into a variety of handheld objects, such as an umbrella and a backpack.


Agent Xero: Trusted partner, slight trust issue on some of her decisions, though she manages to change his mind when she pulls through.


  • Mole is voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also voiced Johnny Bravo in the Cartoon Network series of the same name. He also voiced Raj and Samson from Camp Lazlo!, and his performance is very similar to Samson.